Manus McGuire FiddleManus McGuire Fiddle


East West Fiddles

Sample Tracks

Track 1: Poppy Leaf / Acrobat / Chief O’ Neill’s Favourite

Track 3: Bow Legged Tailor / Tommy Mulhair’s Jig /Humours of Lisheen

Track 5: I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire


East West Fiddles

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The Copperplate Sessions

2018 Manus McGuire The Copperplate Sessions Album

Sample Tracks

Track 1: Copperplate Set (Irish Reels)

Track 2: Carousel Waltz

Track 3: Canadian Reel Set

Track 4: Gort na Mona (Song)

The Copperplate Sessions

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Irish Echo, Nov 2023 (NYC, U.S.)
“East West Fiddles”

“This is high class music played by thoughtful, well-rounded musicians. An excellent album for the collection and one lovers of traditional music will want to take a close listen to. (Click here to read the full review)

— Dan Neeley

Irish Times, Nov 2018 (Ireland)
“The Copperplate Sessions Manus McGuire – a fiddler with a golden touch”

“McGuire manages to capture the energy of a live session while never sacrificing the finesse of the playing: a rare feat but one he achieves with seeming effortlessness.” (Click here to read the full review)

— Siobhan Long

Folkworld, Nov 2018 (UK)
“The Copperplate Sessions”

“Sligo fiddler Manus McGuire offers an eclectic feast of fiddle music here. Close your eyes and you could be anywhere from Sligo to Saskatoon, anytime from Prohibition to present day, surrounded by the best of traditional musicians”(Click here to read the full review)

— Alex Monaghan.

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Full Tilt Live

Full Tilt Live
Artist: Full Tilt
Year: 2019

“Full Tilt Live reminds you of what a special thing an in-person event is: the in-the-moment sensation, the rapport between band and audience, the sheer joy of applauding and cheering a great performance.”

– Celtic Music Reviews, Boston, March 2021.

The Return of Spring

The Return of Spring : Buttons and Bows
Artist: Buttons & Bows
Year: 2015

Awarded traditional album of the year 2015, The Irish Times Ticket Awards.


Green Grass Blue Grass: Brock McGuire Band
Artist: Brock McGuire Band
Year: 2011

“If an adrenaline rush is what you are after, you’ll find it on this exuberant collection Green Grass Blue Grass. Virtuosity in full flight”
Irish Times


Fiddlewings : Manus McGuire
Artist: Manus McGuire
Year: 2006
Label: Shelly River Music

Please check the following website:

“Fiddlewings exudes class from first to last note played. Variety, virtuosity and vitality are the lasting impressions created by this recording”
— Earle Hitchner, Irish Echo, New York.


Saffron and Blue :Manus McGuire
Artist: Manus McGuire
Year: 2000
Label: Green Linnet Records

“When the buyer purchases this album, he or she is getting in on not only a wonderful piece of work, but a musician at the peak of his powers.”
— Bill Margeson, Irish Music Magazine.


Moving Cloud
Artist: Moving Cloud
Year: 1994
Label: Green Linnet Records


Buttons and Bows : The Brock McGuire Band
Artist: Buttons and Bows
Year: 1987
Label: Green Linnet

The track “Inisheer” was used as a soundtrack in the movie, “The Good Mother” starring Diane Keaton and Liam Neeson.


Grace Notes: Buttons and Bows
Artist: Buttons and Bows
Year: 1991
Label: Gael-Linn


Buttons and Bows
Artist: Buttons and Bows
Year: 1983
Label: Green Linnet

As well as performing, Manus has concentrated on three areas in his fiddle career to date : composing, recording and teaching.

He has recorded CDs with:

His brother Seamus McGuire (fiddle duo):

Humours of Lisadell
Carousel (also with Dáithí Sproule)

Buttons and Bows:

Buttons and Bows
First Month of Summer
The Return of Spring

Moving Cloud:

Moving Cloud

Brock McGuire Band:

Brock McGuire Band
Green Grass Blue Grass

Full Tilt:

Full Tilt Live

East West Fiddles 

Manus also recorded solo fiddle albums:

The Copperplate Sessions
Saffron and Blue