Manus McGuire FiddleManus McGuire Fiddle

Manus McGuire and Emily Flack
“If you get a chance to see either of these artists don’t hesitate. If you catch them together, drop everything else and get there. Their show is a mini showcase of Irish dance music, fine singing and to top it off, an amazing dance hybrid of Ottawa valley flat foot and Irish sean-nos.
What a performance!”
Tony Corcoran (Oct 2017)
Director, Tyneside Irish Centre, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Tyneside, U.K.


manus mcguire educator, master classes

Manus McGuire has extensive teaching experience over many years particularly at Master Class level, specialising in promoting the virtuosity of the renowned Sligo Fiddle Style.

He also lectures on the roots and development….read more


Manus has composed many tunes and airs that have become firm favourites amongst his fans.

Some songs have touched the hearts of his audience and many people have used the music for special events in their lives such as on their wedding day …read more

Manus McGuire and Emily Flack
“Stunning and gorgeous – the melding of flying feet and soul stirring song with alternately driving and lyrical tunes on fiddle and piano.
Irish fiddle legend Manus McGuire paired with young Canadian triple threat Emily Flack – Master and Young Lion. Awe inspiring and totally unforgettable.”

Warren Robinson (Aug 2017)
Founder, Goderich Celtic Roots Festival, Goderich, Canada.

Manus McGuire Celtic Fiddle Player